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Best Burgers in Maple Ridge!!!If you like Burgers, The Billy Miner is the place to go.

An irresistible burger starts with a quality beef patty, and from there, the possibilities are endless.  From Crispy Bacon to Jalepeno Crisps, Mountains of Mushrooms to Fresh B.C. Baby Spinach, Goat Cheese to Double Smoked Gouda, Creamy Garlic Sauce to Billy’s Secret Burger Sauce- we have a gourmet burger to tempt everyone!  The Billy Miner burgers go above and beyond the call of duty and one thing is for sure, after you’ve had one… you’ll definitely be back for more!

BM Pizza 5If you like Pizza, The Billy Miner is the place to go.

We serve hand-stretched, thin-crust pizza baked in our Italian wood–burning oven.  All of our pizzas are made from scratch, using the freshest & finest local ingredients.  Our “authentic” pizza sauce is made from a traditional blend of fresh red-ripened tomatoes simmered with extra- virgin olive oil, garlic and herbs.  Select one of our gourmet pizza creations or create your own combination!  Simply delicious!  And don’t forget that All large pizza’s are $3 off Monday�������s after 4pm!

BM Fries 2If you like Fries, The Billy Miner is the place to go.

Who can take French Fries and turn them in to a gourmet meal? ����The Billy Miner can!  Smoked Pulled Pork & Chicken, Bacon, Red Hot Sauce, Pickled Jalepenos, Whisky BBQ Sauce, Creamy Garlic Sauce, Shredded Cheese… and the list goes on!  Push the Ketchup aside, loosen your belt and get ready for a genuine French Fries experience!

Be sure to check out all of our Billy Miner Appetizers!

BM Brownie 1If you like Fresh Out-of-the-Oven Baked Goods and Specialty Treats, The Billy Miner is the place to go.

Start your morning off with a Billy Miner breakfast wrap!  And who could resist a delectable baked good like a scone or a muffin?  For lunch, we offer handcrafted paninis and scrumptious sandwiches.  Just try to resist our delicious homemade Carrot Cake or our Fudge Brownie!

Billy Waffle PIX 3

If you like Waffles, The Billy Miner will make your day!

All day long, the Billy Miner Cafe is serving up both sweet & savoury waffles!  We’ve got everything from Nutz n’ Honey Waffles to Sweet Battered Bird Waffles and EVEN Drunken Pulled Pig Waffles!  Simply delicious…